About Janet Barrett

Real Estate professional

Moving is one of the most stressful things we choose to do.  Moving with children or to a new community can make this experience even more stressful – just the thought of it makes my heart beat a little faster! I recall telling my kids they will make friends easily at their new school, all the while hoping I’ve picked the right school for them and really hoping I’ve made the right decision for their future and for mine.
This was my reality a few years ago, at the time my kids were 14 and 15 years old when we moved to Vernon. I had to quickly learn about local schools, activities, sports programs and local attractions, and I remember the feeling of relief when I got to the hockey rink or soccer pitch, not only on time, but without using my GPS! I look back at how hard it seemed, as a mom I’m always losing sleep over what is best for my kids. Was this the right move? The right home? The BEST school?
Validation came from my son during his graduation speech when he thanked me for making the move, but wished we had done it sooner. The weight of “Did I make the right decision” was instantly lifted and Vernon finally felt like our HOME.
When making these difficult choices you need to work with someone who is dedicated and driven to succeed, who will help you make the decisions that are BEST for you – which is what you get when you choose me. I excel in areas of attention to detail, organization, meeting hard deadlines in stressful situations and having resourceful solutions to unexpected issues. 
Communication, having hard conversations and working through issues that result in positive solutions is what I excel in. I look forward to walking you through the buying and selling process, all while wearing my signature stilettos! I want to help you and your family find that special home that makes you feel the way my family did.